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The aim of all spiritual practices are that you increasingly develop your ability to be focussed and concentrated with the mind. What keeps you close to you? How do you fully embody you? 


Take account your nature. You will only regularly practice what you truly enjoy, and you should always be interested in what you are teaching, even better if you are burning to share. Create a practice and so classes that keeps inviting you and others to participate and play. How do you like to move? What empowers you? Do you prefer to slow and sit long for meditation, or are you more of a non stop movement meditator? Classes should be less workshop-esque and more like a dance of spirit, from deepest center.

Teach your truth, what you know, experienced, and believe in. Start with great humility and continue to teach with great humility. Be authentic. If you don't know something, don't be afraid to say you don't know and then go study and find the answer. There's always more to learn, strive to understand. 

Finding your message, gives you a purpose and distinguishes you. It helps to know your elements, passions, interests, and strengths. What have you used the tools of yoga to overcome and grow around? If unsure get feedback from others about your strengths and what you bring to the room.

You will find that you can't be everyones favourite teacher, everyone has their own preferences, life would be boring if we were all the same and had the same likes and interests, so a great example of why there's no competition. Don't be attached to how many people love you or your style, instead attempt to stay resolute in your quest for integrity. You'll find a tribe of mutually resonant people and you can grow together. 


Trust everything is working out for you. If you deeply love the classes you teach and do your best, the outcome will be perfec for you at the moment. 

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