SHOULDER MOBILITY AND SPINAL TWIST / CORE WARM UP warming up & mobilising the body.. nice before for any dynamic or strengthening class.

1 min... PUPPY ARM THREAD THROUGH - From all fours thread the right arm underneath the left arm turning palm up to face the ceiling, lower and rest your shoulder and head down looking towards the threaded hand. If comfortable reach forward with the left arm otherwise keep using it for support.  Tips - use a block or pillow for support if too much to lower your shoulder and head to the ground. 

3 min 30.. DOWN DOG - Keeping the weight distributed evenly through the hands.. push back into the heels, lift the tailbone and lengthen the spine. Tips - if your back body is tight and so your back is rounding, bend your knees to work on keeping your spine long. 

4 min... PLANK - Hands under your shoulders, arms straight, shoulder blades neutral, spine neutral, legs straight. Tips - tuck your tailbone if you're lower back is arching. Lift up in between the shoulder blades if they are dipping together. Drop to your knees into a 3/4 plank if you need to. 

4 min 30... COBRA - Hands under your shoulders, feet hip width and internally rotated so knee caps point down, press feet into the floor lifting knee caps, roll up from your centre keeping elbows tucked in, shoulders back and down away from the ears, chest lifting. Tips - you can lift chest, hands off the ground for an easier variation.

4 min 50... LYING CHEST | SHOULDER STRETCH - From lying on your front, reach the right arm to the right so your palm faces the floor and inline with your shoulder. Walk the arm n inch or so to the right so that you can rest your shoulder down. Keeping that arm still, start to lean then roll over on to it. The more you twist and lower your opposite hip to the floor behind you, the deeper the stretch. Tips - play around with the angle of the arm to affect different lines of pull and so stretch.

8 min... PUPPY DOG - From all fours, walk your hands forward. Keeping forearms off the ground and hips over the knees, start to lower your chest in between your arms towards the ground. Keep widening through your shoulders. If you'd like to go further sink deeper, forearms chin and chest. Tips - Play around with hand position. If any discomfort in the shoulders try using one hand as a pillow and stretch each arm individually with a wider position of the arm in front.

12 min... LYING SPINAL TWIST - From lying on your front, reach your right arm across your body and hug your left knee to your chest. Let your left knee lift up towards the ceiling as you start to lie on your back and lower your left shoulder to the ground. When your shoulders are comfortable and even, hold on to your left knee with your right hand and start to guide the knee toward the floor without your left shoulder lifting. Support the left foot on the right knee. Tips - If your left knee is fully on the ground try keeping the knee inline with the hip and straightening that leg holding on to the thigh, ankle or even foot with your right hand.