Sight / seeing senses 

The setting is just as important energetically as the class content. We can create an inviting space with great ambiance, that feels inspiring to be in. A space that's balanced, uncluttered and clean - minimising distractions and removed from stressful sources. 


Touch / Feel senses

We can think about the clothing we wear, that allows free movement. Clothes we feel good in and not self conscious in or having to adjust constantly. - they may inevitably rise up in class when upside down, but why do we adjust? let them be. We can work on building inner confidence if we notice negative thoughts about ourselves arise during class. 


Wether we are assisted by the teacher / not. 

The mat we use or surface we practice on will affect the quality of the practice. clean and suitable non slip/too grippy. 



sound senses. 

- greet everyone, show them how to begin ask their experience, toilets where to leave stuff, ask them to relax. first impressions count Props - for them to collect or set out mats block straps bolsters - everything organised in order in place 

enough room for your flow in the space for them to see and you demonstrate and walk around the student

Saying thanks and goodbyes

tone of voice of teacher. 

location of studio noise 


clean fresh