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pranayama postures


In order to benefit fully from your practice of pranayama and meditation it is important to;

  • Sit upright, back ribs and muscles firm and alert. Head and neck held erect and perpendicular to the floor.  

  • Ensure the chest is not constricted in any way, abdomen and lungs able to expand fully, allowing a free flow of energy through the nadis and chakras.

  • The weight is evenly distributed between the right and left sides of the body. The legs and hips become the anchors that help you keep grounded and centered.

  • You are able to maintain this position comfortably for the duration of the practice, so that the posture doesn’t become a distraction.




The position where the spine is most relaxed and free from joint tensions that are created as the joints are bent away from neutral. Play around to find it.. Where do you feel free, light, long and relaxed?