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MUDRAS - attitude/

symbolic gesture 

Mudra means ‘seal’, ‘gesture’ or ‘mark’. There are hundreds of mudras that have been developed over the centuries, but here we focus on seven that can be regularly used  during asana, pranayama or meditation.

The energetic effects of mudra work on very subtle levels of the mind and attitude. Circuits within the energetic network of nadis are linked to enhance pranic flow. 


Mudras can influence and improve our physical condition, physiological functions, mental and emotional states, restoring a healthy balance of the whole system.


How do Mudras Work? 

  • On the hands are specific points corresponding to each Chakra, where prana radiates in and out the body. Your hands also have their own Chakras. They are constantly receiving and emitting energy. It's the outward flow of the prana from your hands that is used in disciplines like Reiki and Qi Gong, to connect with others and heal for example.

  • Each finger represents one of the five elements: The thumb - fire | The forefinger - air | The middle finger - ether (or space) | The ring finger - earth | The little finger - water. According to Ayurveda, disease is the result of an imbalance in our body caused by a deficiency or an excess one of these elements. The fingers essentially act as electrical circuits and the use of mudras adjust the flow of energy which balance these various elements and accommodate healing.

  • Not only the feet but also the hands have been "mapped" by reflexologists, who found all the nervous terminations corresponding to each body part, organ and gland. 

  • Science has recently demonstrated how physical postures and hand gestures influence directly our mental attitudes, emotional patterns and hormonal production.

  • Yoga gurus and expert say that Mudras engage certain "areas" of the soul and represent specific states of consciousness, therefore evoking and encouraging their growth in the person who performs them.


For all these reasons, and maybe more, just by holding and joining hands and fingers in specific ways, you can easily interact with your own bio-energy, prana, removing energy blockages, rebalancing energy, eliminating lacks, decreasing excesses, improving its correct flow, and restoring a healthy psycho-physiological balance.

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