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subtle ENERGY


The motivation of yoga, mastering the mind, allows us to move beyond the illusion of the self and unite with the real Self. Pātañjali gives the explanation of the nature of the self illusion — kleshas — that traps us in a confused state of alienated being. This ignorance traps us into sense of self that is identified with our mind and material existence.

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1.4 Vritti-sa-rupyam itaratra. (Itaratra: on the other hand; sa-rupya: has the same form; vrittis: thoughts.) On the other hand, until yoga’s success, one erroneously believes he or she has the same form as the thoughts of the mind.


Across centuries of trial and error yogis realised they could unwind this painful misidentification, retracing back the human self through layers of reality, from the physical plane to the most refined planes of pure consciousness. The ancient yogis described in vast detail a system of energetic being that could be consciously cultivated, elaborating a complex system of scientific medicine with theories of anatomy and physiology, that are at once mystical, symbolic and practical. 


The major elements of this system are interrelated and consist of;


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