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Foot to Hip : hips extend and internally rotate, knees extend, ankles plantar flexed (pointed)
Spine : Extended, neck neutral or extended.
Shoulder to Hand : shoulders extend, adduct, externally rotate. elbows extend.

Camel pose will open the front body and front arm lines whilst strongly working the quads and abdominals including the psoas to control the backbend. The glutes and hamstrings also work to help stabilise the knee and hip joint. This pose can be quite intense on the spine and thighs, a lot of students tend to dump into the lumbar so a good step by step entry in is important as well as modifications. Cat cows can be good prep to mobilise the spine and any other backbend such as Cobra or Updog to open the front body ready. kneeling leans backs are great to warm the thighs ready and can be an option for those not wanting to backbend as spine is kept like a plank.


Foot to Hip :
Spine : side bend, twist dancing camel
Shoulder to Hand : arms reach over head or by sides


- Sit on block
- tucked toes are easier to reach and so are blocks
- start seated roll shoulders back and lift hips a little


Drop back into Upward Bow or King Pigeon


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