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Childs Pose



Foot to Hip : hips flexed, knees flexed, ankles plantar flexed (pointed)
Spine : Flexed
Shoulder to Hand : shoulders extend, internally rotate. elbows extend, forearms pronate.


Often used as a starting posture as its position lends itself nicely to flow into Tabletop or Downdog or used as a resting pose instead of taking a Vinyasa for example. No prep is really needed for most. It can be a nice stretch for the back body.


Foot to Hip : knees open or closed.
Shoulder to Hand : arms reach over head or by sides


- Support head with block or hands stacked if drawing the sitting bones to heels raises head due to tension in the back line. Or allow hips to be raised if it doesn't send too much pressure to the head or neck.
- Open knees to make space to breathe or for belly.
- Space knees with a strap if knee flexion is uncomfortable, and the same with the hips or change angle is compression met.
- Support ankles if plantar flexion is limited. use a rolled up blanket. Or if tops of feet are digging uncomfortably soften with blanket.


Frog pose for a deeper groin stretch
Pendant or Crow for an arm balance with a similar body position.


Childs Pose
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