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Foot to Hip : Standing leg; hip flexes and internally rotates, knee extended, ankle dorsiflexed. Raised Leg; hip adducts, extends and internally rotates, knee extends, ankle plantar flexes (pointed)
Spine : Extended (backbend), neck neutral.
Shoulder to Hand : arm behind; shoulder extends, adducts, internally rotates. elbow extends. raised arm; shoulder flexes, externally rotates, elbow extends.


Dancers pose is great for opening the front body and arm lines whilst strengthening the shoulders to stabilise the kick back. the thighs work to bring the leg towards bum and kick back into hand and the supporting leg and core to balance. This pose is quite accessible, there's always options for all, see modifications. You may wish to mobilise the shoulders to prepare and get used to the leverage action of the foot in a more stable position, ie 1/2 Bow. Tiger pose is the same action for the raised leg kicking into a backbend. Lengthen the front body in easier quad stretches or back bends prior to find more ease in Dancers.


Foot to Hip : pelvis level vs rotated, knee in or out, flex or point
Spine : the amount of tilt
Shoulder to Hand : raised arm infront on hip, flip grip


- Use strap
- Don't extend the spine, just quad stretch
- wall for balance
- tilt less if tight hamstrings


Flip Grip


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