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Revolved Lunge



Foot to Hip : Feet around hip width. Front leg: hip flexed (bent) and neutral / slightly internally rotated, knee flexed (bent) foot ground, lifted arches. Back leg; hip extended (back) and neutral or internally rotated (turning in), knee extended (straight).
Spine : Rotated and long.
Shoulder to Hand : shoulders gently depress, elbows extend (straight), arms strong.


This pose is very accessible and there are plenty of options or modifications to suit different students. As with all twists, this pose is great for the spine, aiding in keeping the spines rotation opening up the surrounding tissues, the sides, chest, around the ribs, upper back and shoulders. This pose also strengthens the thighs. Due to the lunges leant forward position of the torso there will be less of a stretch in the front of the back leg, but as the hip is extended some will still find sensation there. The front thigh is working at length. Not much prep is needed unless going for a more advanced option and this pose could then be used to prepare.


Foot to Hip : tip toe vs grounded back foot. back knee extended or soft. hip rotation, pelvis rotation.
Spine : forward lean vs upright lunge twist, cat cow
Shoulder to Hand : open arms, wrapping arms, prayer arms


- Kneeling Revolved Lunge for less effort in the legs
- Block under hand if reaching the floor is too intense


Add a bind / Revolved Side Angle Pose
Hand off the floor - prayer arms or wrapped arms puts more weight into legs and decreases stability.


Revolved Lunge
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