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Side Angle



Foot to Hip : Legs abducted. Front hip flexed and externally rotated, knee flexed. Back leg hip extended and internally rotated, knee extended. Feet ground, lifting arches.
Spine : Neutral or a little laterally flexed. Core engaged obliques rotate torso to face long edge of the mat. Neck neutral or twisted.
Shoulder to Hand : Raised arm over head, elbow extended, forearm supinated so little finger side of your hand turns toward the floor. Bottom arm reaching down toward floor.


Side Angle Pose has the same leg orientation as Warrior 2 but is more intense on the front thigh, the core and side body. Warrior 2 can be a preparatory pose or any side body opening postures.


Foot to Hip : Tip toe. bend and straighten knee.
Spine : tilt laterally flex extend cat cow
Shoulder to Hand : Play with raised arm position


- Flex the front hip less ( lift out of it a little ) to make it easier to maintain abduction and external rotation. This shows as knee dropping in and or hips swaying out behind.
- Rest forearm on the thigh to support the spine in this lateral position or use a block under the hand.
- Narrow the stance (front to back) and or widen the base (side to side)
- Pop raised arm behind back if by raising it tugs the chest forward.


Sink further into front leg - more parallel to the floor, widen the stance front to back.
Bind / use a strap if needed to add a shoulder stretch. The lower position and lack of hand support makes it potentially deeper and more unstable.
Both arms either side of the ears is more core intensive having to support the spine with core muscles particularly the obliques in this lateral position.
Compass arm balance.

Side Angle
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