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Up Bow



Foot to Hip : hips extend, adduct, and internally rotates, knee extends, ankles dorsiflexed.
Spine : Extended (backbend).
Shoulder to Hand : shoulder flexes, externally rotates, elbows extend.


Upward Bow is an advanced backbend, not accessible to all, but great for opening the front body and arm lines whilst strengthening the arms, shoulders, core and glutes and thighs. The front body needs to be open, so preparation in mobilising the shoulders and spine, opening the chest, lats, abdominals, hip flexors, quads will potentially allow an easier entry in to the pose. Students that can't freely flex the shoulders and or have a very limited range of extension in the spine or hips may be best with a modification so not to over do anything especially if they have met compression.


Foot to Hip : foot distance apart, rotation of legs, extend knees further, walk feet closer to hands
Shoulder to Hand : hand distance apart, rotation of arms, extend elbows further, push chest through,


- Shoulder Bridge for those with limited shoulder flexion or those that would rather stay off the hands
- Blocks under hands, less far to press up, less strength required
- Wall less of a backbend if standing and not dropping far.
- Bow for those not wanting to invert.


Drop back
Forearm wheel / King Pigeon
One Legged


Up Bow
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