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Warrior 2



Foot to Hip : Legs abducted. Front hip flexed and externally rotated, knee flexed. Back leg hip neutrally extended and internally rotated, knee extended. Feet ground, lifting arches.
Pelvis : Neutral
Spine : Neutral and upright. Neck twisted.
Shoulder to Hand : Shoulders horizontally abducted, elbows extended, forearms pronated.


Virabhadra, is a mythical warrior, said to be the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Warrior II Pose is second of the three Warrior Poses: Virabhadrasana I, is his arrival, with swords in both hands, thrusting his way up through the earth from below. Virabhadrasana II, he sights his opponent. (Daksha) Virabhadrasana III, moving swiftly and precisely, he decapitates Daksha with his sword.

Warrior 2 is a very accessible standing pose for strengthening and lengthening the thighs, included adductors and opening the chest whilst working the arms and shoulders against gravity. It is a nice prep for Extended Side Angle or other deeper inner thigh postures. It transitions nicely into other hip open standing postures such as triangle and half moon and are often sequenced together.


Foot to Hip : Tip toe. bend and straighten knee.
Spine : Cat Cow.
Shoulder to Hand : Reverse prayer, interlaced,


- Take it down to the knees
- Drop the arms
- Narrow the stance (front to back)
- Widen the base (side to side)
- Strap hand to hand behind back


Sink further into front leg - more parallel to the floor, widen the stance front to back.
Side angle - adds a sidebend and flexes front hip further
Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana)
Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) - adds a sidebend/backbend
Tip toe front foot for added stability challenge


Warrior 2
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