Cathays EVENTS..



18.00pm - 19.30 £ 21.50

A relaxing 90minute yin yoga class where you hold passive postures for enough time to let your body release into them stressing and so strengthening the joint and improving  range of motion there.  Throughout the class you will have individual thai massage to focus on a specific tension area helping to release the muscles and further mobilise the joints.  



15.00pm - 18.00 £ 30.00

Have you tried all the techniques but it’s just not happening? Or you can do the handstands, but it feels wrong, like it takes too much stress and strain? Or maybe you’re just thinking handstands aren’t for you, but still curious? .. You’re going to like this workshop!


Instead of just collecting new skills, you'll learn a holistic way of being in your body and mind, that makes handstands, and everything, a whole lot easier, using your breath, connecting to feeling, and leading with natural movements from your center, in a way that makes challenges that bit easier. 

We'll work together looking at.. 

  • Several ways to move into & fall out of handstands.

  • How to stay safe, preventing injury

  • Body mechanics and optimal position for making challenges easier - hollowing your body

  • How to develop the kind of strength, flexibility and mobility needed for handstands - tons of core and scapula strengthening 

  • Explore playfully and enjoy


The most important place you can be is right where you are! This workshop is open level!! Yes everyone of any ability is welcome.




Anna, born and raised in the Swiss mountains. First qualified as a Yoga instructor in Thailand (RYT-200) and furthered her education with another 100 hours in Yin here at the studio (YUJMU). With the long-term vision of making the gap between physiology and psychology smaller, she is eager to expand her knowledge in both fields and beyond. Rather than as a yoga teacher, she sees herself as a student of yoga and of teaching who helps guiding others in their own practices. What she loves most about leading classes is the endless creativity that it allows for and she likes to think that her seeable enthusiasm and passion lead yogis to find ease. 

Going into one of her classes, you should expect creative sequences accompanied by self-compiled playlists and a (hopefully) charming accent. 




10.00am - 12.00 £ 21.50

Bec & Scarlett team up for 90 mins of dynamic yoga with plenty of hands on adjustments to correct alignment or push you further - if you like. They will also offer you individualised options suiting your ability level making sure this class is open to all wether your a seasoned pro or your dragging your mate out for a Suzie's social.

On the menu.. avocado smash on sourdough toast, drizzled with olive oil and lime juice with optional boiled egg. Fresh juice & tea/coffee.

Book fast as there's limited spaces by following the link below. 



18.00pm - 20.00 £ 21.50

Becky and Sophie team up for a Hip Hop Workshop where Yoga meets Breaking. 

The workshop will consist of dynamic yoga flows combined with break dance moves - particularly floor work and freezes (arm balances).

Suitable for all levels, the flows will be broken/slowed down and taught progressively adapting to the individual. 

Bec (Stretchy Suzie's) been teaching yoga, full time since 2010 and has been studying movement ever since. Sophie has been breakdancing for 6 years, she's travelled worldwide, competing in this style, after completing her dance degree at Cardiff Met. 



11.30 - 13.30  £ 21.50

Handstands are satisfying and frustrating in equal measure. However adding skill work to your training is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do in terms of making it more interesting and engaging long term.

Whatever level you are at, whether you are a complete beginner or getting close to nailing balance, this session will help you progress.


We’ll be starting from the very basics of movement through the shoulders and overcoming the fear of being upside down, through to how to perfect your alignment and kick up. 


You will leave with a structure and a plan to progress. 


What you’ll learn:

- Movement prep and mobility - how to prep your wrists and shoulders for handstands

- How to perfect your alignment

- Nailing your kick up