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Submerge yourself into a Yin Yoga Training and learn to share the subtle meditative qualities of this practice. Created from a blend of the ethereal sciences of the East and the material sciences of the West, Yin Yoga is all about balance.  This curriculum emphasizes the balance between Eastern (ethereal) and Western (material) sciences. With an in depth exploration of meditation, subtle anatomy and physical anatomy learn to teach the subtle qualities of Yin Yoga. Using lectures and guided practice you will develop your own strategies for teaching and working with students to guide them to listen to their body. Yin Yoga brings your awareness through the tissues of the body releasing tension layer by layer. Becoming well versed in Yin Yoga is like being able to apply a deep tissue massage to you body with the mind. Making that experiential connection to all you have heard or read about in chi, you can begin to find a new way to experience the body.


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100 Hour YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Fully accredited by Yoga Alliance

with TJ MAHER 

*** No previous experience required, this training is suitable for beginners to Yin Yoga or Yoga in general. It is both for those who want to deepen their own practice as well as for those experienced with Yin and teaching who want more insights.


YUJMU and TJ Maher are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) registered with Yoga Alliance.  TJ's root Yin Yoga teacher Bernie Clark, author of The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga, has reviewed the training and given it his blessing...  MORE TESTIMONIALS HERE

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(Applications fee/deposit £295 followed by

3 monthly payments of £400)




 ADDITIONAL TRAINING (due to missed weekends) -

to be revised upon individual circumstances


The application fee of £295 is non-refundable -

except in the case of a declined application

This programme is non refundable (minus application fee/deposit) -

except in the event of unexpected medical circumstances

No refunds will be made after programme start date

  • 20 Aug 2021, 07:30 – 27 Aug 2021, 16:30
    We're super excited to announce... Stretchy Suzie's is hosting TJ MAHER'S renowned 100 hour YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training again this MARCH!!

THERE IS NO ONE PATH… YUJMU is about finding your potential and sometimes that requires creative, playful ways of thinking and acting. You will find your own way to process and express the material we present to you in our trainings.  We can't imagine anything more beautiful than that.


YUJ: TO MERGEThis Sanskrit root word variously translates as "to unite" or "to merge". The word and concept of Yoga comes from this word.

MU: EMPTINESS - This Japanese word is variously translated as "nothing", "not have" or "no".  It is used in Zen to refer to emptiness, the way an empty tea cup has the potential to be filled by anything.

YUJMU was founded in 2014 by TJ Maher while completing his 500 hour Yoga training in New Brunswick Canada.  YUJMU began as "MU Yoga" a title for TJ's Yin Yoga and Meditation workshops that were offered around the town of Fredericton NB.  It later became YUJMU when it was clear that the scope wanted to be further reaching than Yoga.


The structure of the curriculum is to progressively guide you into stronger understanding and independence in the learning process.


Your experience of your life and your body is the foundation in which all other knowledge and learning must grow.  The programme continually returns to this notion so that students begin to notice just how much it influences what grows. In Yin Yoga learning that your body is your guide and not your mind is a key factor in practicing safely.  Knowing how to listen to your body tuning in to the subtle feedback it provides is simply a matter of knowing what to listen for and extensive practice.



Once we have begun using our body as our guide we then begin to overlay that perspective and biofeedback with content & techniques. Through the programme there are numerous content seeds that will connect at various depths for different students.  Each person will begin evaluating what may be helpful for them and what is not directly connecting at the moment.  Some content will sprout quickly right now while others may need time to sprout in the future.


As the content in the programme unfolds piece by piece the practice sessions will have more to work with and explore.  The body was our foundation and we put aside the mind earlier, now the mind begins to find its place as the cultivator.  The body is still what we listen to but the mind now becomes a hub for processing and finding the most relevant seeds to cultivate in the moment. This shift for the mind's role happens as the programme develops more and more meditative qualities.  We less & less use the mind as a reactionary guiding tool and more & more use it as a wisdom supporting tool.  Knowing when to practice, how to practice and processing all of the possible options to make the healthiest choices we are capable of, that is the way to cultivate balance.


With our mind now taking its optimal place in navigating our choices with the body as our guide we can begin to look for the effects of our actions.  Some effects will vary and we learn to adjust based on listening deeply to our needs. We begin over time to understand what our practice is for in the longterm. We begin to experience our wellbeing via balance, equanimity and through feeling how we fit with others and nature. 

YUJMU has grown so rapidly beyond our expectations.  In only one year from the birth of our teacher training program we have booked hosts for nearly one training per month in 2018 in 4 different countries in North America and overseas.  Our YINfinite Family (graduates from our program) is growing rapidly and we are overjoyed to be seeing so much Yin going out into the world.


"I want to express my gratitude to TJ for guiding me through a well subjected and throughly engaging Yin Teacher Training Course . You have  given me the tools and desire to explore more deeply subjects such as the history of Yin and its relationship with the Tao, the Anatomy , the Chakras and the Meridians. Most importantly I came away with an in-depth understanding and ability to apply the Yin Asanas through your gentle and professional coaching . The course was challenging at times  but never boring and I am definitely appreciating my fascia more after the 100 hours ! I really feel I have not just learned a great deal about Yin but also how to be a better teacher . I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to teach Yin even if they previously had no Yoga teacher training .Thank you TJ for your inspiration and wisdom." — David M.

"TJ's passion, love for yin yoga and his excitement for sharing it through teaching made the training exceptional. I had practiced some yin yoga and wanted to enhance my understanding of it. The comprehensiveness of the training not only enhanced my understanding but helped me to incorporate yin into my life. I also felt prepared to teach and felt a desire to continue to delve deeper into many ideas presented." — Wendy F.

"TJ's Yin Yoga course was the best class I've taken!  Smartly structured and realistically scheduled; I never felt tired of being in class.  He made all aspects of this practice relatable.  Through analogies, diagrams, and a variety of other ways of explaining things, I left with more of an understanding and in some cases, the beginning of an understanding of certain aspects that never connected with me.  I'm looking forward to Level 2!!"  — Teresa R.

"Thank you TJ for such a wonderful week. I went into the course quite apprehensively, hoping to learn how to create more balance in my own life and it is one of the best decisions I've made. You are an inspiring and engaging teacher and created such a nurturing space for us to learn, delivering your carefully considered content with such grace. It's not an exaggeration to say that the course has been truly life changing for me and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you. I cannot recommend this course highly enough." — Sarah M.

"I applied for this course new to Yin Yoga, with very little practice and experience. The beautiful location and teacher TJ put everything at ease. TJ's presence throughout the week was relaxed and caring which created a safe place for everyone to share openly different experiences which we all learned from. The theme of 'letting go' has had a huge effect on my life since the course, starting with just little things during the ten days and I'm still putting it into practice weeks later. I also still meditate, daily, 10 days of practice with Tj and experiencing different teqniques has played a huge part and understanding in my home practice. My Yin Yoga practice developed greatly over the week, learning every pose in depth has not only made me feel more connected with my mind and body during my practice's but I'm also knowledgeable and confident to teach. Tj is very knowledgeable and covered a wide range of topics creating a good balance I was continuously learning something new each day. The topics I enjoyed most were Chakras, Chi and Tao Te Ching. I would recommend this course to anyone. Especially if they need more Yin in their life!" — Lydia B.

"TJ's Yin teacher training is organized and informative while also being grounded in personal experience.  TJ offers students background on traditions that have contributed to the Yin practice while also giving students space to shape their own understanding of Yin.  TJ cultivates a real sense of community in the trainings and encourages students to support one another and grow even after graduating from the course.  Despite his experience studying under some of the most iconic teachers of the Yin practice, TJ exudes a spirit of humility, kindness, and playfulness.  TJ is a great facilitator, and his training is as accessible to newer students as it is to the most experienced yoga teachers."  — Amanda S.

"TJ's training empowered me to find more freedom in the ways I both practice and teach Yin.  This experience has opened me up to trying new poses, incorporating complementary practices like meditation & Pranayama and trusting my own unique offerings as I share Yin with others." — Amy R.

"The training was pretty magical! I feel like I got so much to bring home with me after the 8 days training. This style of yoga has shown me the other side of the coin to my practice and given me ways to find balance in my daily life. The experience was definitely something I will carry with me on my yoga journey. I would totally recommend the YUJMU training to somebody else! TJ is great teacher, his chilled out vibe made all the learning fun! One of the calmest, intelligent and loveliest guys I've ever met! (Great accent too!) His teaching style was very professional and the lecture screen presentations were structured logically and bullet points made things easy to understand. The accompanying TT booklet was a pleasure to have and beautifully thought out and designed. The structure of the training worked really well. The early 7am start was suprisingly good and the yin and meditation practices early on felt great. The breaks were divided up well too as there was alot of information to take on board and having time to grab snacks to power up was a really good way to keep us alert! I loved sitting on the floor for 8 days too!
I found the yin asana practice like a new gift I can share with my students. A new way to really connect more deeply to the inner self and release mental and physical tension. I found TJ's words on meditation most beneficial, and will continue to practice using the techniques he shared. I found looking at the Chakras and Chi exciting and TJ's passion for his chosen subjects infectious. It has really reiterated how important balance is in my my life and I feel that this training has opened my eyes and shed some light on things for me. The grounding practice of Yin is something I am really interested to explore further, as the nourishment gained from it has transformed my thinking. Maybe, I would even go so far as saying the training was a life changing experience! It has made me question my movements, or lack of them!! I now feel very open to revisiting Tai Chi once more, looking at Qi Gong and attending a meditation retreat! I never would have been brave enough to explore these paths but now I feel the time is now! I feel more open to change. The community that TJ created was a joy to be part of, and I hope I get to connect again in the future for further training.
I am not sure how I could improve the training. I found it to be of a very high standard. It was everything I was looking to learn about and more!! 
I would have maybe liked to have the chance of teaching my colleagues earlier on maybe, just with standard asana, then having another go on the last day adding some non standard asana?? The certificate was also beautiful, and I will frame it as a keepsake from this wonderful experience of sharing and deep connection with my fellow yinsters!" 
— Helen B.

"As regards the YUJMU training I would definitely recommend it to friends - and in fact I already have.  I was confident it would be of a really high standard based on Jess  and her fabulous studio & the great teachers she has there but it exceeded my expectations. I thought the content was great - obviously all the individual subjects covered in the lectures i.e.  Anatomy & physiology, chakras meditation etc are huge subjects in themselves and it is difficult to condense enough knowledge into the short space of time we had to make sense of it and to give us the knowledge we needed but I thought you did this very well - I feel that you have awakened my interest in a lot of these subjects and I have been ordering books like crazy off amazon as I can't wait to broaden my knowledge.
 I loved that you kept the chakra & meridian lecture very real as I feel I can introduce this in conversation to clients & friends who are interested in the physical & mental benefits of yoga without scaring them off with 'hippie talk'. When I first saw the course advertised I was telling my friend about it over the phone & told her I would love to do it but really couldn't afford it as we needed to spend money on our house - my husband overheard the conversation & suggested I sold a diamond bracelet he gave me as a gift when we first met. I felt guilty about this as the bracelet was a gift & thought that if I did sell it I should use the money on the house.  My husband said the bracelet was a present to me so I should spend the money from it on myself.  I rarely wear jewellery so he thought I would get more from the yoga course - he was definitely right - this training has been worth hundreds of diamond bracelets to me & I don't feel selfish spending the money on myself now as I feel that my family & friends have benefited from this course through the changes in me. Thank you so much for helping make those changes - I feel excited to carry on my training now." 
— Kathy M.

"I absolutely loved TJ's teacher training! I learnt so much: the training was really well-structured and there was such a breadth of knowledge being imparted throughout the week. Even as a yin teacher, I felt like I was learning new things and widening my knowledge. I can't praise TJ enough for the lectures; for the structure, subjects, depth and breadth of knowledge, and how they were taught. I feel like we all came away with a very solid, well-rounded base of knowledge. Equally important, TJ created such a warm and open atmosphere during the training. It made the training very special. We had a beautiful sharing circle each day, where people felt comfortable enough to open up about their feelings and emotions. We also had very interesting discussions and conversations during some of the lectures. TJ was always open to questions and insights from others, which meant everybody learnt from everybody. It was a delight to be taught by TJ, and I would recommend the training to anyone and everyone! So much love for this!!" — Lisette H.

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